Types Of Floor Globes For Sale

Floor Globes

Floor globes are known to occupy smaller space as compared with other globes. The floor globes are suitable for use in enclosed rooms and open. They can be moved from one place to another with ease.

There are various types of floor globes for sale that the buyer needs to discern their qualities, function, durability, and suitability before they can purchase them. Below are some of the types of floor globes.

Landen Floor Globe

Landen floor globe is one of the most common globes for sale, made of metal at the base. It has a reclaimed paper fiber that is non-illuminated, with its diameter measuring 16 inches. It has a height of 44 inches and weighs 25 pounds. It is mounted with a full swing that enables it to rotate freely. The swing is numbered, so it indicates the location of a place quickly.

Latitude and longitude are drawn on its surface to calculate the distance from one location to another. The globe has numerous features indicating climatic patterns, relief, and drainage features.

Commander II Floor Globe

Commander II globe is designed to have a removable stand compared to other globes. It measures 16 inches in diameter. Its base is made of a metal meridian that is strong but light in weight. It has a complete swing meridian mounting complemented by a wood stand, making it unique.

Commander II globe combines style with the catastrophic design making it appealing to the eye. It can be moved easily from one place to another since it is not bulky in weight. It shows beautiful features on the earth’s surface, including the physical features and drainage patterns.

It is not easily affected by water. The material used to make the commander II globes is solid and water resistant. However, do not expose it to too much water since the swinging part is made of stiff paper and, with time, may lose its value.

Lancaster Globe

Lancaster globe is made of a wood base, reclaimed fiber globe paper, and a numbered metal meridian. The globe is mounted on a full swing that rotates at 360° and has a diameter of 12 inches, showing different features on its surface.

Lancaster globe is about 32 inches tall, and it features over 4000 named places in the world. It is decorated with numerous colors representing different features on the earth’s surface. The globe is suitable for use in the library, staffroom, or office.

The Lancaster globe is small in size, making it easy for mobility.

Diplomat Globe For Sale

Diplomat globe is one of the most composed globes furnished with various features. It has almost 20,000 named places on its surface. The globe is mounted on a stand that allows it to rotate freely, making it easy to view all sides. It has a large diameter of 32 inches and a height of 51 inches.

The globe quickly spins inside the stand from west to east when moved and shows features, including the world’s plates. Oceans and seas are well represented on the map, and the boundaries are well outlined, depicting the jigsaw fit of the continental margins.

Annapolis Globe For Sale

Annapolis globe measures 20 inches in size and is made of brass-plated meridian metal. It has a wood stand that places it at an appropriate height to be used in the library and offices. It features over 4200 named places on its surface.

Relief features, planets, and drainage patterns are well aligned on its surface. It has a cradle that enables it to move freely on the stand.


There are different types of globes that are sold for various purposes. The globes have different diameters, and the height of their stands differs depending on the diameter’s size and the manufacturers’ design. They are made of different materials of different quality and colors.

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